n. & v.
1 a a place where troops are lodged or trained. b the military life (court and camp).
2 temporary overnight lodging in tents etc. in the open.
3 a temporary accommodation of various kinds, usu. consisting of huts or tents, for detainees, homeless persons, and other emergency use. b a complex of buildings for holiday accommodation, usu. with extensive recreational facilities.
4 an ancient fortified site or its remains.
5 the adherents of a particular party or doctrine regarded collectively (the Labour camp was jubilant).
6 S.Afr. a portion of veld fenced off for pasture on farms.
7 Austral. & NZ an assembly place of sheep or cattle.
1 set up or spend time in a camp (in senses 1 and 2 of n.).
2 (often foll. by out) lodge in temporary quarters or in the open.
3 Austral. & NZ (of sheep or cattle) flock together esp. for rest.
Phrases and idioms:
camp-bed a folding portable bed of a kind used in camping. camp-fire an open-air fire in a camp etc. camp-follower
1 a civilian worker in a military camp.
2 a disciple or adherent. camp-site a place for camping.
camping n.
Etymology: F f. It. campo f. L campus level ground
adj., n., & v. colloq.
1 affected, effeminate.
2 homosexual.
3 done in an exaggerated way for effect.
—n. a camp manner or style.
—v.intr. & tr. behave or do in a camp way.
Phrases and idioms:
camp it up overact; behave affectedly.
campy adj. (campier, campiest). campily adv. campiness n.
Etymology: 20th c.: orig. uncert.

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